Renewable energy development is growing at a rapid rate as the cost to build solar and wind has been decreasing rapidly. In addition, energy storage is expected to provide cost-effective energy security, like a backup generator for those summer electricity spikes. Belltown projects transform economically underutilized land into a clean energy source that will meet long-term energy needs. At Belltown, we develop high-quality utility-scale solar, wind, and energy storage projects contributing to clean and predictable energy. Belltown is also a landowner itself, bringing direct insight and a long-term commitment to its renewable energy projects.

Continued Growth

Solar has been ranked as the #1 or #2 source of new generation capacity for the last 7 years. In 2019, solar was 40% of all new electric capacity installed in the US (largest share in history). Texas alone was ranked #3 nationally in solar for 2019 and is ranked #2 in anticipated growth projection over the next 5 years. Energy storage is also on the rise in Texas quickly being built alongside utility-scale solar farms.

Low Impact

Secure and stable source of power with low environmental impact. Solar farms are self-contained and make virtually no sound, emit no odor, and have a similar profile to a cornfield prior to harvest.

Investment into the Community

Our projects provide stable revenue for landowners while developing your land into a productive asset. The solar farm generates increased local tax revenue over the life of the project. The increased economic development from the project creates construction jobs and benefits local contractors and companies.

Belltown works with property owners and local communities on renewable energy projects that support the clean energy transition.


Belltown has experience in acquiring tens of thousands of acres for renewable energy projects and works diligently on identifying the best land through local jurisdictions, permitting authorities, and landowner interest. Belltown’s landowner-friendly development approach ensures that each of our projects will benefit the local area for generations to come. Please contact us if your property meets these criteria:

  1. Large, open parcels of relatively flat land and predominantly cleared of heavily treed areas
  2. On-site or close proximity to existing electric transmission grid (this includes electric substations or electric transmission lines)
  3. Minimal or no wetlands or floodplain areas
  4. No known endangered species habitat
  5. Access to the property via a well-constructed road
  6. 100+ contiguous acres of land or 5-10 acres for energy storage


Dependable Revenue – Leasing land for solar projects provides US landowners with a dependable annual income stream for 30+ years. No other uses can promise that kind of certainty without permanent loss of a property. By adding revenue from a solar lease, you will diversify your income, raise your income certainty and lower the risk your land will not be profitable. These are all important factors in maintaining land within families and ensuring that the land can be used again in the future.

Low Impact – Solar projects are low impact with little or no permanent loss of land. They are low to the ground (approximately 10-12 feet above grade), require minimal foundations, and the equipment can be easily removed from the ground when the project is decommissioned. This means the land can be restored to how it was before the project is built.

Dual Land Use – Belltown works in partnership with Landowners to maintain other uses on solar properties. As well as encouraging livestock grazing, solar creates opportunities for pollinator-friendly habitat which benefits local farms. The creation of stable habitat also helps reduce runoff and improves water quality, two important issues for rural communities.

Community Benefits – Solar projects provide increased property taxes, jobs during construction, and opportunities for educational programs with local schools. Belltown is a committed and responsible developer ensuring that those benefits are maximized for local people who live in the communities where the projects are located. This ensures our projects are well received.


Belltown will assess your land to see if it is suitable for solar and provide you with attractive lease terms. Once both parties agree to terms, a Solar Lease Option Agreement is executed.

Belltown Power
Development 3-5 Years

During the Development / Option Period, Belltown will satisfy regulatory hurdles to demonstrate the overall viability of the project. The Landowner will continue to utilize the property as they have been, while an additional annual fee is paid for the Solar Lease Option.

Construction 9-18 Months

Once all development work is completed, Belltown will formally enter into a Lease. At this point, we will enter the land, and construction can begin. All prior uses of the land will cease, and the rental payments will commence. Overall, construction is expected to take between 9 and 18 months, depending on the size of the project.

Operations 30-40 Years

Belltown will be responsible for the operations and maintenance of the project during the term of the lease. The site will be monitored both remotely and on-site with a small team typically consisting of 1-2 people. At the end of the lease, all equipment will be removed and the land will be returned to its original condition.


How am I paid for the lease or purchase option?

Initial payment is paid to the landowner upon execution of the lease agreement or purchase-option agreement. The agreement will outline any option extensions and all future rent payments to be made during the development, construction, and operation periods.

How long does the option period last and will I have access to my land?

The option period averages 3-5 years to allow Belltown to develop the project. Landowners will have access to the property and can continue to use the land as they see fit during the development term of the lease agreement, so long as it does not impact the ability to use the land for solar in the future. Prior to construction, a notice will be given to allow time to conclude current operations. The land utilized for the project will be fenced for security, liability, and safety reasons during construction and operation periods.

What happens to my property taxes?

From the commencement of construction, the project will pay for any additional property taxes that the solar farm accrues.

What if I already have lease agreements for agriculture or other uses?

Prior lease agreements must be terminated before construction begins. The length of the option period, needed to develop the site to construction, allows us to provide sufficient notice to landowners so that they may fulfill prior lease agreements.

What happens to my land once the lease is over?

At the end of the lease term, the project will be decommissioned. All infrastructure from the project will be removed at no expense to the landowner and the land will be restored.

What are the benefits of working with Belltown?

The Belltown team is committed to developing quality solar and energy storage projects that will provide clean energy for your community. We take pride in our relationships with landowners by providing continuous communication to answer any questions you may have.

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