12 Turbines

16,033* Homes Powered Annually


24 MW Capacity


The Tirgwynt Wind Farm is located in Mid Wales 40km from Welshpool, Powys.


Construction began in March 2016 and the site was fully commissioned by November 2016.


The Tirgwynt landowners were integral in the development of the project and continue to farm the land around the development. They jointly funded the development of this project and continue to have an active ongoing involvement in its operation.

Following extensive community engagement and consideration of the wishes of the local Carno community, we agreed to capitalise the Carno Community Benefit Fund upfront, which enabled them to fund a new school building for the Ysgol Carno school and save this local primary school from closure.

The wind farm also awards an annual grant to the host community Dwyriw and the other communities along the turbine delivery route. These funds are managed by: The Dwyriw Community Trust Fund and The Tirgwynt Community Fund. If you are interested in these funds, please contact the following area representative:

Dwyriw – Sarah Yeomans: yeomans.ranch@btinternet.com

The TCF – Carol Davies:  davies1.thecrest@btinternet.com


The Tirgwynt Wind Farm is part of The Belltown Education Programme. The programme provides an annual visit and renewables workshop for the children from Carno Primary School. The sessions are designed to help children familiarise themselves with the technology and understand the impacts of climate change. Through this programme we aim to inspire a future generation of children that are passionate about renewables and careers in engineering.


The existing upland habitats are being maintained, restored, and enhanced through the implementation of an extensive habitat management plan, which will be adhered to for the lifetime of the wind farm. The site is home to several key native species including curlews which are now one of the UK’s most endangered birds.

Title Address Description
Tirgwynt Wind Farm
Carno, Caersws SY17, UK

Installed Capacity MWac 24
Homes Powered Annually 16,033
Technology Description Wind Farm

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