The proposed development is located 4.5km north-east of Peebles on a broad ridge encompassing Dunslair Heights. The site currently comprises commercial forestry, open moorland and sheep farming within the Leithenwater valley area.


At this early stage we believe that the project will consist of 13 turbines with tip heights up to 200m and an energy storage facility (together referred to as a Wind Energy Hub). We will work hard to ensure that the design of the wind farm and the placement of turbines complement the topography of the site to minimise the visual impact.


The site is still in early-stage development with Belltown Power’s Project Team working closely with relevant specialists to carry out site surveys and site assessments. The scoping request report has recently been submitted to the Energy Consents Unit and can be viewed on their website here or in the Scoping Documents below. We are targeting 2023 for a full planning submission, with a view to starting construction in 2026, subject to planning consent. As part of the development process Belltown Power intends to submit a planning application to erect a meteorological mast on site to undertake wind speed measurements.


We recognise a fundamental part of good project development is early consultation to ensure local communities and stakeholders are given the opportunity to provide feedback and are kept informed of a project’s progress. As part of this consultation process, we are excited to share initial project information for the Leithenwater Wind Energy Hub and look forward to engaging with any questions you may have about the project. We ask that your questions be addressed to the project team, with your contact details included so that we can respond personally to your enquiry. You can contact the project team directly by emailing leithenwater@belltownpower.com or complete our enquiry form here. Once we have completed our initial surveys of the site and further developed the likely design envelope, we will hold Public Consultation events for you to share your views and thoughts.  We will also engage with local Community Councils and stakeholders to achieve the best possible design outcome, seeking to maximize the opportunity for the local communities to benefit from this project.


Belltown Power fundamentally believes that onshore wind projects should benefit the communities that host them, regardless of whether the project is subsidised or not. Communities local to the Leithenwater Wind Energy Hub will benefit through our ground-breaking community ownership scheme:

  • Offering local community organisations 1% of the equity in the project for free.
  • Enabling them to buy a further 4% of the equity at cost once the project is operational.
  • Offering them as much further ownership as they want to take at market value (up to a maximum 49% share of the equity)

We also commit to provide £5,000 per MW per annum (RPI index linked) of Community Benefit. We want to hear your views on how Leithenwater Wind Energy Hub can best support your community.


Belltown are passionate about education and the local environment.  We will engage with schools local to the project with a view to offering visits to the project once operational if possible, as well as the other educational activities and resources provided through The Belltown Education Programme. As with all of our projects, we will ensure that the Leithenwater Wind Energy Hub delivers a net ecological benefit through careful habitat design, habitat creation and habitat management.