Farming today faces more uncertainty than ever before. Belltown Power can help farmers and landowners secure a guaranteed, index linked, rental income all year round for the next 40 years by leasing your land for solar farm development. Our recent Farmers Weekly article ‘What are solar leases’ gives details on rental values and the development process. Our Webinar, chaired by Farmers Weekly, investigates the benefits of solar leases, the typical payments you can expect to receive, and how the development process works.

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The advantages of leasing your land for solar farm development:

  • Long term inflation proof lease payments
  • Allows small livestock grazing
  • Retained land ownership
  • Land returned to original state at the project end
  • Local habitat and biodiversity gain
  • Helping to tackle the climate emergency and delivering our climate change targets

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Belltown Power is an established clean energy company at the leading edge of solar and wind farm projects in the UK.

Founded in 2013 by a team of highly experienced renewable energy professionals, we have successfully delivered over 200MW of wind, solar, and hydropower projects across the UK.

We support Landowners and Farmers to diversify, providing them with a secure income while increasing renewable production for the UK and contributing to combating the climate emergency.

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Belltown Power will assess the viability of a ground mounted solar farm with the possibility of battery storage with no cost or obligation on your land. Simply email us with details of your land boundary and we will get back to you to let you know if your land is suitable and the market rate you can expect to earn.

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