Our Process

Belltown Power sources opportunities at all stages of the development cycle.  This includes sites we develop ourselves from site origination as well as those we acquire at a late stage of development during pre-construction. Our team manages projects throughout the remaining development process establishing relationships with landowners, and securing all the necessary permits and interconnection required for the project to be realized.  Once sites are ready for construction our team secures financing, enters into contracts, procures equipment, and constructs projects in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards.  Once built, our asset management team will then ensure our projects are optimized for long term commercial operation.

Step 1: Site identification

Belltown Power’s development team evaluates potential sites using a rigorous approach which considers grid connection accessibility, environmental impact and energy yield. We consider any local zoning or permitting issues and our technical team will undertake a comprehensive analysis to ensure only the most appropriate sites are selected.

Step 2: Development

Once a site has been selected for development, the Belltown team will commence a comprehensive site-evaluation. Our engineering team performs rigorous technology, resource, and equipment analysis and evaluation to determine the optimal site design and equipment selection to maximize the project output and performance. In parallel, our development team will secure rights to the land, undertake environmental and technical studies required by stakeholders and submit the necessary interconnection and permit applications.

Step 3: Financing

For all projects, our investments team will secure a Power Purchase Agreement or Direct Sale Agreement.  Against this offtaker, Belltown will be able to secure long-term financing.  Concurrently, our technical team will execute strategic supply agreements to secure all the necessary equipment for project construction and will select a preferred construction contractor.

Step 4: Construction

During the construction phase of the project, our team oversees and manages all aspects of the design and construction to the project is delivered according to the highest standards. The Belltown team adopts strict management of all third parties associated with the delivery to ensures projects are completed safely, on-time and on-budget.

Step 5: Asset Management

Once the installation is completed and the project is exporting power into the grid, our asset management team ensures our projects are performing to the highest standards to generate long term revenues to exceed our investors expectations.  We use an excellent team of third party O&M contractors to manage on site issues and our in-house team manages all the necessary administration and reporting.