UK Landowners

Why Belltown Power?

We have a huge amount of experience in the renewables industry and are currently developing gigawatts of wind and solar capacity across the US and UK. In the UK we have developed, built and currently operate 29 sites that aggregate to over 200MW across wind, solar and hydro. We develop utility-scale onshore wind and have a wealth of local experience including the recently completed 39MW Tom nan Clach Wind Farm in the Highlands and the 24MW Tirgwynt Wind Farm in Powys, Wales. By working with us, landowners and communities can benefit from a dependable and ethical source of revenue with a proven counterparty while playing a significant role in protecting our planet for future generations.

Belltown Power have formed a joint venture with Foresight Group LLP to develop Belltown’s pipeline of greenfield onshore wind energy projects across the UK under the existing Belltown brand.  The joint venture aims to deliver more than 300MW of incremental clean electricity capacity to support the UK’s move to a net-zero power system. This joint venture strengthens the relationship between the two companies which started in April 2018 when Foresight acquired a 111MW portfolio of ROC and FiT wind and solar assets developed by Belltown Power.   Foresight is a leading renewables infrastructure owner and operator with over £4 billion of energy infrastructure assets under management. Foresight currently manages more than 240 renewable generation assets globally, with a total generating capacity of 2.2GW (


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Why UK wind?

• Green energy– the UK was the first to declare a national climate change emergency. Clean, sustainable sources of energy are critical to tackling climate change and         you can be a huge part of this

• Government Mandate – Scottish Government has committed to 100% of Scotland’s electricity consumption being met by renewable generation by 2020 and 50% of       its total energy by 2030, whilst the Welsh Government have targeted 70% of its electricity by 2030

• Mature industry – onshore wind is now the cheapest form of electricity generation in the UK and creates local jobs from the start of development right through         construction and its 30+ year operational life

• Excellent wind resource – UK wind resource is amongst the best in the world and Scotland and Wales are amongst the windiest countries in Europe

• Landowner income – with no capital outlay, landowners can secure long-term, dependable revenues far greater than other land-use whilst continuing current       activities

How you can make a difference to your community?

Community engagement is an important part of Belltown’s culture and strategy.  We employ a combination of community support, ecological focus, and educational programmes to have the greatest possible impact on the lives of local people and wildlife. Our 29 sites power over 75,000 homes and donate over £230,000 in community benefits each year, whilst having won awards for their quality, biodiversity, and good practice within the industry.


We remain committed to engaging with the community to ensure all stakeholders are heard such that our developments continue to have far-reaching benefits beyond the clean energy they produce. Click on the link below to understand how we can help support your community.

Developing wind on your land with Belltown Power

Wind Farm leases aren’t overly complicated. Put simply, Belltown Power would become a tenant on your property. The benefit to us is that we can develop and construct a wind farm and sell the generation to end users providing them with the benefit of a source of clean, renewable energy. The benefit to you, the landowner, is the rent you collect for the use of your land on top of your existing income streams.


Belltown Power covers all costs associated with the wind farm, including planning, installation, connection, metering and maintenance costs. In return, the landowner enters into a 35-year lease agreement with us. Improved access and habitat management schemes as well as considerate reinstatement of disturbed land at the end of construction will ensure the overall aesthetics of your property are not impacted and often result in improved amenity. In addition, at decommissioning, we will ensure that we remove all above-ground equipment at our cost. In summary, we will work with you in partnership to ensure a collaborative approach to land management that benefits all parties.

Belltown takes a comprehensive approach to planning in order to improve the likelihood of success. This means that even before approaching a landowner, we have undertaken significant analysis confirming to us that the site has excellent potential for wind development.


Once we’ve secured land, we use a combination of internal on-the-ground resource as well as external consultants to ensure that all environmental and planning regulation is taken into account and upheld. Further, we work in a reliable, transparent and trustworthy manner and welcome both local and regional input into our development process in order to encourage wide support from stakeholders.


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How long is the option period?
In most cases the option period is 5 years. The planning process in the UK is a long one, and 5 years allows Belltown Power time to complete all required surveys, planning and other grid related processes. The landowner has control of the property during this time and can continue to utilise it. Belltown Power will need occasional access to the site to conduct studies that are needed to fully develop the project.

What if I have existing agriculture or leisure activities?

As tenants, we understand and encourage our Landlords to continue their existing agricultural and leisure activities onsite as we undertake the planning process. Given the length of the option period and the time we need to ensure the site is ready for construction, we have always committed to and been able to provide enough notice to Landlords to allow them the required time to plan their activities. During construction and operation, we work with landowners to accommodate existing activities in collaboration with the wind farm where safe to do so.

How am I paid rent under the lease?

All payments will be identified in the detailed and transparent Heads of Terms and option documents we agree. We are open to different structures, but typically an annual payment is paid to the landowner upon execution of the option agreement. The agreement will outline any option extensions and what payments the landowner will receive. It will also include an agreed draft lease detailing all future rent payments to be made during construction and operation

What access will the landowner have?

The lease will include continued rights of access across the property throughout construction and operation, subject to coordination with contractors to ensure everyone’s safety.

Are there negative impacts to the land?

When developed and constructed responsibly, wind farms can exist in harmony with the environment and allow land-use activities to continue. The wind farm footprint is small and, aside from the substation and the turbines, will not change access across your property. Improved access and habitat management schemes can even enhance a property’s amenities and create potential additional value. The wind farm will consist of access tracks, turbines, buried cables and a substation. Following construction, landscaping and reinstatement will be completed to sensitively restore disturbed areas. Wind farm activity on site during operation is generally limited and all above ground infrastructure will be removed at the end of the lease.

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