Landowner FAQ

Landowner FAQ

How long is the option period?
In most cases the option period is 5 years. This allows Belltown Power time to complete all required surveys, planning and other grid related processes. The landowner has control of the property during this time and can continue to utilise it as they see fit. Belltown Power will need occasional access to the site to conduct studies that are needed to fully develop the project.


What if I have existing agriculture or leisure activities?

Given the length of the option period and the time we need to fully get the site ready for construction we have been able to provide enough notice to landowners and current leases allowing them the needed time to complete.


How am I paid for the lease?

All payments will be detailed in the option documents. We are open to different structures, but typically an initial payment is paid to the landowner upon execution of the option agreement. The agreement will outline any option extensions and what payments the landowner will receive. It will also confirm all future rent payments to be made during construction and operation.


What access will the landowner have?

The lease will include continued rights of access across the property throughout construction and operation, subject to coordination with contractors to ensure everyone’s safety.


Are there negative impacts to the land?

When developed and constructed responsibly, wind farms can exist in harmony with the environment and allow land-use activities to continue. The wind farm footprint is small and, aside from the substation and the turbines, will not change access across your property. Improved access and habitat management schemes can even enhance a property’s amenities and create potential additional value. The wind farm will consist of access tracks, turbines, buried cables and a substation. Following construction, landscaping and reinstatement will be completed to sensitively restore disturbed areas. Activity on site during operation is generally limited and all above ground infrastructure will be removed at the end of the lease.