“Belltown Power is committed to working with landowners and local communities to responsibly develop renewable energy projects that deliver our UK climate change targets and ensure a green and sustainable future for generations to come.” – Paul Hewett, Managing Director, Belltown Power

Why Belltown Power?

We have a huge amount of experience in the renewables industry and have developed, built and operate 22 sites totalling 220MW of wind, solar and hydro assets here in the UK. We develop utility-scale onshore wind and have a wealth of local experience including the recently completed 39MW Tom nan Clach Wind Farm in the Highlands. By working with us you can benefit from a dependable and ethical source of revenue as well as playing a significant role in protecting our planet for future generations. Further information on Belltown Power can be found on our company website.

Why UK wind?

Green energy – the UK was the first to declare a national climate change emergency. Clean, sustainable sources of energy are critical to tackling climate change and you can be a huge part of this

Mature industry – onshore wind is now the cheapest form of electricity generation in the UK and creates local jobs from the start of development right through construction and its 30-year operational life

Excellent wind resource – UK wind resource is amongst the best in the world and Scotland is the windiest country in Europe

Landowner income – with no capital outlay, landowners can secure long-term, dependable revenues far greater than other land-use whilst continuing current activities

How You Can Make a Difference to Your Community 

Project Development Process

Wind Farm leases aren’t overly complicated. Essentially Belltown Power would become a tenant on your property. The benefit for us is we can develop and construct a wind farm that produces clean, renewable energy that we sell to an end user. The benefit to you is the rent you collect for the use of your land whilst still receiving all existing income streams. Belltown Power covers all expenses associated with the planning, installation, connection fees, metering costs and maintenance. In return, the landowner enters in to a 35-year lease agreement with us. The lease may have an option to renew for specific periods. Improved access and habitat management schemes as well as considerate reinstatement of disturbed land at the end of construction will ensure the overall aesthetics of your property are not impacted. We will work with you in partnership to ensure a collaborative approach to land management that benefits all parties.