Corporations are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate the long-term volatility risk of their energy cost. One of the most effective ways to do this is by signing entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

A PPA is a contract between a power producer such as Belltown Power and an energy consumer. As part of the contract, both the price and volume of power sold between the two parties can be agreed over a long period of time. The corporate PPA also involves a licensed supplier, who guarantees power delivery and assumes responsibility for issuing your power bills.

Corporate PPAs are more than an alternative to “green electricity tariffs”. They link organizations to renewable energy projects and the energy from them, providing organizations with clear evidence of addressing their renewable energy commitments and targets.

It’s easy to set up a PPA and start benefiting from long-term, predictable energy costs. And, once your PPA is in place, your energy supplies are as reliable as any other source. All at a guaranteed price.

Wind Farm 2

A PPA with Belltown


Belltown Power is committed to reducing the complexity of setting up PPAs with corporate customers. We have engaged expert legal counsel and consulted forward-thinking energy suppliers on designing a smooth and transparent process that benefits all parties involved.

Here’s how we approach the front-end set up of your PPA:


1.You tell us how much energy you want to buy (kWh/year).

2.We provide you with a custom proposal outlining your options based on technology, generation output and location and are happy to answer any questions you have at this stage.

3.You select your contracted amount and the supply term (10-20 years).

4.We facilitate your PPA in conjunction with your electricity supplier.

Behind the meter


Distributed Generation is another effective way of securing cost effective energy for the long term.  Belltown would own and operate an on-site wind or solar PV asset which would have a direct connection to a commercial user.  The customer would commit to buying the power via a private PPA with any excess power exported into the grid via the customers electricity meter.  The customer would receive a competitive long term power price and all green energy credits.


If you are an organization looking to green your business and avoid being subject to volatile energy prices then email and let us tell you more about your alternatives.