Asset Management

Our experienced Asset Management team currently provides support to over 170MW’s of onshore wind, ground and roof mounted solar, hydro and battery storage assets.

Having sourced, developed, acquired and constructed assets at all stages of the development lifecycle, Belltown understands the importance of continuing to best manage renewable assets once operational. We provide a tailored range of operational, technical, financial and commercial services to asset owners, which is underpinned with the ethos of creating value by maximising performance, maximising revenue and minimising costs for assets.

What sets us apart

Belltown provides more than a commoditised asset management service. We have a dedicated team of asset managers allocated to each of our asset owners. This allows our team to provide their individual, undivided attention to ensure assets are actively managed and fully optimised. We also recruit asset managers who fit the Belltown culture: they are highly competent problem solvers who have a passion for renewables. In addition the Asset Management team have the additional support of our wider Belltown development, construction, investment and leadership teams


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Non-exhaustive list of the services our Asset Management team can provide

• Health, Safety & Environmental management

• Stakeholder and community relations management

• 365-day remote monitoring of assets 

• In depth performance analysis and benchmarking

• Proactive coordination of both scheduled and reactive operations and maintenance activities

• Provision of visual inspections of assets

• Commercial and contracts management

• Financial management (including accounts, invoicing and debt facility management)

• Corporate and special purpose vehicle administrative management

• Reporting of operational and financial performance and wider market news updates to investors/shareholders