Belltown Ventures


Belltown has US$25 million available to back excellent management teams developing renewable energy projects and growing other businesses in the sector.


Belltown Ventures is backed by US$25m of patient capital to support high quality developers and managers in high growth markets.

  • Target investment size: Initially US$1-2 million; potential for follow on investments of US$3-4 million.
  • Target businesses: Solar and wind project developers; other established business models expanding into new regions (e.g. retail energy distributors; solar rooftop installers); fund managers where there is a stake of the management company available.
  • Target stage: Early stage but established companies with a high growth trajectory in new high growth markets.
  • Target regions: Global remit, with a core focus on North America, South America and Africa.
  • Approach: Belltown Ventures seeks to add value through Belltown’s sector extensive knowledge and expertise in addition to the capital we provide. We expect the businesses we invest in to provide incremental benefit to the markets they operate within beyond their core business, acting as a “catalyst” for further development.


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  • Emerging Markets Power: Belltown Ventures has supported Emerging Markets Power’s wind development activities in Africa. We are pleased to back an extremely experienced team in an emerging market with considerable potential for utility scale renewable energy. [Learn more about Emerging Markets Power]
  • Bio2Watt: Belltown Ventures manages an investment into Bio2Watt, the leading developer of anaerobic digestion projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Bio2Watt has already developed and built a 5MW anaerobic digestion project in South Africa and is actively developing a pipeline of further projects across southern Africa. [Learn more about Bio2Watt] 

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