22 Sites & Growing

Belltown develops wind, solar and hydro assets

215MW & Developing

Over 140 MW of projects delivered so far

60,000 Homes Powered

Belltown's projects provide power for over 60,000 homes

Team of 25

A team of highly trained engineering and investment professionals


Belltown Power is a leading manager of renewable energy platforms. Belltown Power employs a proven, disciplined process to project delivery in renewable energy assets across technologies and locations. Belltown seeks to create value through active project construction, management and operations.

Belltown was established in 2013 and has acquired, built and now operates a large portfolio of renewable energy assets across the UK. Belltown has a fully integrated team of investment and engineering professionals with over 5GW of renewable energy investment and operational experience.

60,000 Homes Powered by Belltown Sites


Our team works directly with projects owners on everything from planning to on-going operations.

The Belltown team of 25 is focused full-time on project sourcing, evaluation, construction, operations and maximising long term asset value.

Belltown is passionate about delivering the highest quality renewable energy projects and working to de-carbonise the economy.

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